I am no longer Myspace famous and life in 2014 is not easy

I wish I believed in something spiritual or something, then maybe I could chalk up all this up to some sort of religious experience or relate it to something more meaningful than “you’re fucked up”

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I went out to some bleachers outside my dorm and started inexplicably sobbing and then people kept walking by so I walked to the parking garage across from my dorms which is probably vaguely dangerous but eh and I went up to the top floor and now I’m just sitting and I started crying again in the elevator up but I stopped around 2 and now I’m listening to music and looking out across campus and looking at the stars and it’s kinda cold but I feel a little better I feel like the worst is over

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Elevators have such evil vibes

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“Kinesiology Spring 2013” tiredestprincess:

@god why did you allow this to happen to one of your angels

I walked down to the lobby because I wanted to go sit outside but then is saw people at the table I wanted to sit at so I just went back inside and up to the common room on my floor and the sound of the air conditioning isn’t helping I wanna go outside things seem real outside but I don’t wanna go through the lobby again

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Sometimes when I look in the mirror I have this vague feeling of “who the fuck is that”

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Is anyone up? I’m disassociating really hard and I kinda wanna cry even though there’s no reason to and I saw people smoking weed outside and I wanna ask them for a hit but I know I shouldn’t because it won’t help and I really wanna talk to someone right now but no one’s up

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D O N Genergy

where do i apply

Feeling v happy and full of love lately

iris and this boy are super gross together tellmeliestellme:

Rose McGowan Casting Polaroid for Jawbreaker
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